Access to clean water and sanitisation is a human right for all, not a privilege

Cllr Fitzpatrick supports the European Citizen’s “Right2Water” initiative

Fianna Fáil European candidate for Dublin, Cllr. Mary Fitzpatrick today expressed her full support for the European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) to have the right to water and sanitation protected as a human right and to guarantee water supply and sanitization for all European citizens.

Speaking today Cllr Fitzpatrick said “Water provision is high on the agenda for householders in Dublin at the moment. I believe that every citizen should have the human right to clean water and sanitization”.  She continued “Today there are approximately 2 million people in Europe that do not have adequate water supplies or sanitation services.  There are also many people with low incomes and stretched household budgets that may not be in a position to pay high water bills in the future.  That is why I am supporting the ECI initiative that calls for access to clean water and adequate sanitization to be protected as a human right”.  Cllr Fitzpatrick concluded “I encourage the citizens of Dublin to support the Right2Water initiative, further details can be found on

The Right2Water initiative has, to-date, received the support of more than one million, eight hundred thousand Europeans from at least fifteen EU Member States.

Dublin City Councillor Mary Fitzpatrick is the Fianna Fáil European candidate for Dublin.

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