Allocate Funding to Walking & Cycling

Mary supports the Dublin Cycling Campaign proposal to increase the national transport budget funding allocation for walking and cycling to 10%.

Currently less than 1% of the transport budget is dedicated to walking and cycling.

This is a cost neutral proposal that long term can save both money and lives.

Every day more and more people are choosing walking and cycling for health, social, environmental and economic reasons.  The number of people cycling in Dublin City has increased more than 125% in recent years.

Economic pressures, public transport industrial disputes, climate change, health and obesity concerns are factors that make walking and cycling a more attractive mode of transport.

Unfortunately and unacceptably a young woman was recently killed off her bike on Seville Place in Dublin Central.  My sincere sympathies and condolences go to her family.

The National Transport Authority, which answers only to the minister, has unfortunately and unbelievably cut funding for cycling infrastructure in Dublin.  Their cut includes funding for off-road green routes along the Royal Canal, the Dodder, the Grand Canal, Clonskeagh to City Centre Cycle Scheme, Drury Street Cycle Parking upgrade and the Heuston to Chapelizod Greenway.

For Dublin to be a sustainable, safe, modern, European capital walking and cycling must be invested in and promoted.

Government should give people cheaper, healthier and more environmentally friendly transport options by dedicating 10% of the transport budget to walking and cycling.

Mary has called on Fianna Fáil spokespersons for Finance and Transport to include this proposal in their budget talks.