Are you registered?

Deadline is Wed 22nd Jan

You may have been aware of recent publicity regarding the electoral register and the possible confusion as to voter eligibility.

The register of people entitled to vote is normally updated annually. The process involves the maintenance of a separate, Draft register of new voters throughout the year and which is only added to the main register around 15th February.

So in theory those who registered since last update in 2019, will remain on the Draft register and not be added to the main register before the upcoming election day (ie they would be ineligible to vote on Feb 8th). 

To avoid this scenario Government have decided to conduct this election using the 2019 register and what is described as a Supplement to that register. Crucially, those recently included on the Draft register will NOT be added automatically to the Supplement.   

This may cause some confusion for those who sent in forms in the last few months or who may have recently confirmed their details on the Draft register. 

So to be included on the Supplement, voters are required to return a supplement form, stamped by An Gardai, to the DCC Franchise section (details below) or to have registered online using Deadline for Election 2020 is close of business on Wednesday 22nd of January.

Voters can also bring the form and photo ID to our customer service department at Civic Offices, who will sign and stamp the forms

Dublin City Council has 348,683 voters on the live register and is still in the process of entering supplement forms.  They will update regularly so voters can check their status as forms are processed.

Please be assured:

  • Voters entitled to vote at the Local & European Elections in May are all still entitled to vote at the General Election if they are Irish or British Citizens
  • Voters who returned supplement forms, stamped at a Garda Station are on the supplement
  • Voters who registered or changed their details on are on the supplement
  • Those who had a right to a postal vote in May will retain that right. 
  • Those wishing to change that status have until today, Jan 16th, to make that change

Ultimately, the onus is on you as a voter to check your details are correct

  • Voters in Dublin  can check on to see if they are included in the Register and /or  the existing supplement.  Voters from other counties should use 
  • If you are not included or are not listed at your current address you should fill in a supplement form, bring photo id to a Garda station and send it to DCC Franchise Office by 22nd of January 2020
  • Alternatively if registered with MYGovID you can register or change address online

Finally, you can simply check your situation by ringing 01 222 2222 where your status will be clarified by customer service staff.

Franchise Section,
Dublin City Council,
Block 4, Floor 4,
Civic Offices,
Wood Quay,
Dublin D08 RF3F.


T +353 1 222 2222