Beresford Street Update

Residents around Beresford Street raised concerns over street cleaning, public safety, traffic and street management with Mary. Mary has followed up on these concerns:

  • TRAFFIC: Mary has made representations to Dublin City Council, the Gardaí, Dublin Bus and businesses in the area regarding residents concerns over HGVs and buses using Beresford Street to avoid congestion on Church Street. Mary requested DCC respond to residents’ concerns regarding pedestrian safety and potential structural damage being caused by heavy vehicle traffic.
  • STREET CLEANING: In response to Mary’s representations to Dublin City Council regarding street cleaning, the following are the next scheduled dates for cleaning:
Ormond Street, Dublin 812th-16th February
Ormond Quay, Dublin 74th-8th March
Chancery Street, Dublin 74th – 8th March
Arran Street East, Dublin 74th -8th March

DCC advise that the “Bottle Bank” is operated and maintained by Glassco who use technology to set the collection schedule for each bottle bank. A cleaning crew visits the site twice a week and the bottle banks are emptied every two weeks. Contact Glassco at +353 (0)1 685 4400. Please report illegal dumping to DCC on 1800 248 348.

  • PUBLIC SAFETY: Some residents raised concerns regarding anti-social behaviour and crime in the area. Residents should confidentially report any issues to their Community Garda, Brendan Doyle at his email or dialling 999 in an emergency.
  • HOMELESS TENTS: Following Mary’s representations, the Dublin Simon Homeless Outreach team has been engaging with clients rough sleeping in the markets area to offer accommodation and support. Some of the people have accepted accommodation and while some are reluctant at present to use emergency accommodation, the outreach team will continue to engage and offer supports.
  • COLERAINE STREET DEPOT: Mary can confirm that the former DCC Coleraine Street Maintainence Depot is in full time use by the Inner City Enterprise Business Hub and Support Services. There are no plans for this to change.