Broadstone Update

Following my previous representations to Luas Cross City regarding the height and finish of the wall at Broadstone this week they sent me a revised design and some updated details.

They advised that given the difference in ground level on both sides of the Broadstone wall; the finished wall will be between 4.2 and 5.5 metres higher than the finished platform level of the Luas stop. The wall is made up of a retaining section and a parapet section which extends above ground level in the upper plaza area in front of the Broadstone building, with the retaining section finished in natural stone. The revised design for the parapet section of the wall comprises a 1.35-metre-high metal railing bringing the overall height of the wall to between 5.55 m and 6.85 m.The wall will be finished in natural stone cladding. The railing detail on the drawing refers to ‘PPC’ which means that the railing will be powder-coated metal. The colour of the railing will be the same as that used on our OCS (Overhead Cabling) poles.

The revised wall design from Luas Cross City is welcome and Dublin City Council and CIE must now also play take action to make the Broadstone stop an attractive, safe and welcoming public plaza when it opens later this year.