Budget 2021- Housing

Mary welcomes the much needed€3.3 billion spend in housing in this year’s budget. 

As part of the measures announced today, 12,750 new homes will be added to the available supply of social housing through build, acquisition and long-term leasing. 

Mary is pleased to see measures to address homelessness in today’s budget. Mary welcomes the range of affordability measures including €110 million for a new Affordable Purchase Shared Equity Scheme for first time buyers and a new cost rental model 

The measures put in place by the government demonstrates that they are committed to tackling homelessness and increasing the number of new build social houses. €60 million has also been allocated to adapt the homes of up to 10,700 older people and people with a disability which is so welcome. 

The €22 million in additional support for homelessness programmes is vital to finally start address this urgent crisis unfolding before us. Today’s budget offers hope to many people who are experiencing extremely tough times at present.