Budget 2023

The Government have published a €11 Billion Budget for 2023.

This historic budget will increase social welfare support & put money in people’s pockets through tax cuts. It will mean investment in public services, reduced childcare, education and healthcare costs.

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Some of Budget 2023 highlights:
– €3billion cost of living package
– Double payment of all welfare payments in October
– Double payment Christmas Bonus
– €600 energy credit per household
– €1,200 reduction in Childcare fees
– €500 tax credit for renters
– €500 grant for carers
– €1,000 cut to 3rd level fees
– €10,000 Energy supports for SME’s
– 1,000 more Gardaí
– Free Contraception for women up to 30 years of age
– Publicly funded IVF scheme
– Expansion of GP card scheme with more than half the population eligible