BusConnects falls short

The National Transport Authorities (NTA) piecemeal approach to public consultation on Bus Connects and Bus Corridors is falling far short of what is required for a project of this magnitude.

The proposals released in the media today are alarming for city residents and will potentially lead to massive congestion and pollution for inner city communities.  As they stand these proposals must be rejected.

It is of national importance that the capital city has a more reliable, efficient and affordable public bus service. 

For the Bus Connects project to succeed motorists must be given an alternative to driving into the city.  The NTA must include provision for Park & Ride facilities and free or more affordable public bus service in their proposals.   

In July 2019 Dublin City Council passed a motion, proposed by Cllr Mary Fitzpatrick, calling on the NTA to assess the cost of providing free public bus service in the city.

You can read Cllr Mary Fitzpatrick’s detailed submissions to the first round of public consultation HERE.

Workers, residents and visitor to Dublin City need a bus service that makes it easier, affordable and environmentally sustainable to get around the city.