Claremont, Clareville & The Willows

Image of modern road cleanerFollowing my request Dublin City Council’s Environmental Officer inspected street cleaning in the Claremont, Clareville and The Willows estates in early January 2013. Following the inspection they advised me that the three estates Claremont / Clareville / Willows are on a 12 week cleaning schedule as per the litter management plan. The procedure whereby DCC followed bin collections with street sweeping no longer takes place since DCC ceased domestic waste collection services. The estates were cleaned using mechanical sweepers and a small amount of leaf mulch was present but the shores appeared to be free from blockage and the streets litter free. I requested that the shores and gullies also be inspected and, if necessary cleaned. I ask residents to report any dumping in the area to the Litter Hotline 1800 248 348. Mary

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