Climate action

Senator Mary Fitzpatrick has long been advocate for government action to mitigate against global warming and was proud to lead Fianna Fáil’s support in the Seanad for important legislation to address the Climate Change.

The bill (offically, the National Oil Reserves Agency (Amendment) and Provision of Central Treasury Services Bill 2020) will put the Climate Action Fund on a statutory footing and allows the government use surplus fossil fuel levy’s to fund climate mitigation measures. 

The Government intends putting a minimum of €500b into the Climate Action Fund up to 2027 and it is estimated that this bill will provide a minimum of €50m a year towards the Climate Action fund. 

Mary called on Government to use Climate Action Funds to address congestion, improve residential housing, sustainable employment and eliminate illegal dumping in Dublin city. 

Click the image below to watch Mary propose the legislation in the Seanad.