Cllr Mary Fitzpatrick calls for halt on progress at Poolbeg Waste Energy Project until full cost/benefit analysis can be completed

Leader of the Fianna Fáil Group on Dublin City Council, Mary Fitzpatrick today called for the City Manager carry out a full cost/benefit analysis on the Poolbeg Waste Energy Project before any further work is carried out at the plant.

Cllr Fitzpatrick said “Following a decision by the European Commission Investigation which found in favour of the four Dublin local authorities it is essential that a full cost/benefit analysis of the project is undertaken before any further funding is invested.  Taxpayers are entitled to know how much will this project cost to complete and what will be the beneficial outcomes”.  Cllr Fitzpatrick continued “With reported irregularities in Corporate Governance and a reported €100 million spend-to-date on this waste-to-energy project at Poolbeg there is a clear need to discover where the investment has disappeared to as a single brick has yet to be laid at the site”.

Cllr Fitzpatrick concluded “I am calling for the City Manager Owen Keegan to produce a cost/benefit analysis of this project to present to Dublin City Councillors. This analysis should include details of management controls that will be in place to run this plant .Work should not proceed until this exercise is completed”.

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