Community Policing

Joint Policing Committee (JPC)

Mary chaired the first meeting of the City Council Term’s Dublin City Joint Policing Committee (JPC).  You can watch the full meeting webcast HERE.

Members of the Dublin City Joint Policing Committee approved Mary’s suggestion that the JPC will focus its work on three themes of Safer Communities, Drug Dealing and Small Area Policing.  Councillor Mannix Flyn was elected Vice-Chairman of the JPC.

Senior Executive of Dublin City Council, Rose Kenny,  provided a report on Halloween and another on the drug injecting facility and work of the policing authority.

Assistant Commission Pat Leahy reported on Policing activity in the city and that report is available in full HERE.

Some key observations from the report include the following (comparisons are vs same period in 2018):

  • Property Crime is up +4%; Violent Property crime has seen a decrease of -14%. This is coming on the back of a -7% reduction in burglaries in 2018 and a 37% decrease since 2014
  • 997 detections for handling/ possession of stolen property (+3%) and 226 detections of persons in possession of article with intent to burgle/ steal (+2%)
  • Public Order offences increase at +13% and Begging offences are down -35%
  • Criminal Damage incidents are up at +7%
  • Crimes against the Person is at +11%, Minor Assaults are at +14%, Assaults causing harm are at +4%
  • Trends for firearms offences are up with 19 (+15%)
  • Overall drug offences indicate an increase +21%; Drug offences include Possession for sale or supply (+16%) and Possession for personal use (+20%)

Dates of future meetings are as follows: