Confusion on Water Charges causing distress to householders and businesses

Fianna Fáil European candidate for Dublin, Cllr. Mary Fitzpatrick has today accused the Government of causing widespread confusion and distress to taxpayers in regards to the imminent introduction of the water tax.

Cllr Fitzpatrick said “I am today calling for the Government to clearly issue a statement detailing the costs that householders and small businesses will face in regards to the water tax that will be in place in from October”.

“This week the Government revealed a Standing Charge of €100 that will be applied to all households for the use of water in January; the Government is now claiming that the Standing Charge on Irish Water will be less than €50.  Can we please have clarity on the costs associated with this tax for households and businesses?”.

Cllr Fitzpatrick stated that “Approximately €800 million of taxpayers’ money has been spent on setting up the Government’s new Super Quango Irish Water, paying for exorbitant consultancy fees, staff bonuses and perks, and on installing water meters.  And yet what has been invested in upgrading the water network? Nothing. The introduction of water charges should only take place following a comprehensive national audit of the network.  This audit should form the basis for an overall upgrade of the network to ensure it is fit for purpose based on national standards and that should people pay for a service that works”.

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