Connaught Street Derelict Houses

At the Central Area Committee meeting in December 2010 I again raised the issue of the derelict properties on

Connaught Street

and asked the manager to provide a report on what actions have been taken by Dublin City Council to have the derelict properties on

Connaught Street

repaired.  What actions has Dublin City Council taken to identify and contact the owners?  Will Dublin City Council commence legal proceedings to compel the repair of the properties? Here is there response:

“7, 19 &

21 Connaught Street

: On the Derelict Sites Register since March 2009.  The Law Agent has been instructed to institute proceedings for payment of levy. While the owners of each of these properties have been indentified, difficulties have been experienced in establishing the normal place of residence in two cases.  Civil Bills served by the Law Agent have been returned and authorisation will now be requested for substitute service. As a result of action by the Derelict Sites Section some improvement works have been carried out on 17, 76 and

83 Connaught Street

.  These properties will be kept under review. Contact: Paul Crowe, Development Department, Tel: 222 3378”

More feedback as I receive it.

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