Connolly SHD

At the November Central Area Committee Mary called for the proposed Strategic Housing Development at the rear of Connolly Station to be rejected in its current format because this proposal for 741 tiny, build-to-rent apartments is cheap and falls far short of what this hugely important site in our capital city deserves.

98% of the units on the site will be studio, one-bed.  Less than 2% of the units will be two or three bed.  Far too many of the units will be single aspect with windows and day light on one side only.  There will be no affordable rental, purchase or indeed any residential units available for private purchase.  

This site is in the heart of our capital city with employment for people of all levels of skills, education and experience within immediate walking distance.  

It is located in a part of the city adjacent to schools, shops, theaters, public transportation, museums and all other sorts of interesting things to do.  

This site should be used to create a sustainable urban  inner city community not an overpriced transient ghetto. 

There is less than 10% home ownership in this part of our capital city. Housing unaffordability and insecurity is a major problem in the inner city and this state owned site should be used to start to address this issue.  

The last date for observations/submissions on this application is 19th November 2019.  Click HERE to find out how you can inspect the application.