Day 21

Party leader Micheál Martin and deputy leader Mary Hanafin this morning outlined today’s key message: We’ll lower the EU-IMF interest rate through consensus, not conflict. Watch highlights from the conference HERE. In it, Micheál says:

1. Ireland’s budget problems are separate from last year’s funding deal. We still need a multi-annual plan to bring the deficit to sustainable levels.
2. The EU-IMF deal gives us the space and time to get our house in order.
3. To get a lower rate, we must engage with partners in a respectful but determined way.
4. Parties are acting as if they make an angry speech, bang on the table and shout a bit, they will be able to get a better deal.
5. However, the truth is that consensus, not conflict, is the right way forward. Indications are that a reduction in the interest rate paid by Ireland may emerge next month.