Dr Kathleen Lynn

This month we will commemorate the 1916 Easter Rising. Mary will speak at the 1916 Relatives Association commemoration Easter Rising Commemoration at 11:30, this Saturday, April 8, at the Garden of Remembrance.

The Proclamation of the Irish Republic declared the values of “cherishing all the children of the nation equally”. Dr Kathleen Lynn, as a member of the Irish Citizen Army, served as Chief Medical Officer during the 1916 Rising. When she founded Ireland’s first children’s hospital, she ensured that the values of the 1916 proclamation were upheld and that the children of Ireland had access to important healthcare.

Mary continues to work with the 1916 Relatives Association to secure the naming of the new National Children’s Hospital after Dr Kathleen Lynn and looks forward to honouring Dr Lynn and her pioneering work during her speech on Saturday.