Drumcondra Road Trees

Dublin City Council are undertaking greening improvement work on the central median on Drumcondra Road Lower and Dorset Street.  Before the works commenced 21 of the 22 trees on Drumcondra Road Lower were dead. 

The works will remove the dead trees and hard surfaces and introduce new trees and ground planting.   The new trees will be Platanus (London Planes) in keeping and extending the green corridor of Drumcondra into the city.

It is hoped that the new planting will enhance greening in the area and biodiversity.  Additionally, it will introduce Sustainable Drainage Systems (or SuDS) measures, restore natural processes, allow the soil to breath, absorb and release rainwater slowly.

The new London Planes trees will be installed, weather permitting, the weekend of the 9th November 2019 as large specimens. 

Mary is hopeful the work and the new trees will have a very positive impact on the Lower Drumcondra Road.