Dublin City Mobility

Dublin City Council is proposing to introduce temporary changes to roads, paths and public spaces to allow for safe social distancing, a tripling of cycling, doubling of walking, efficient public bus service and private vehicle traffic in the city. You can read the full proposal HERE.

The proposed road lay-out changes aim to :

  • Allow for safe social distancing on the city’s public roads and streets
  • Improve pedestrian safety
  • Increase space for cyclists
  • Accommodate car usage with additional parking
  • Change bus routes to allow increased pedestrians, cycling and efficient public transport

Mary supports the proposed measures and calls for enhanced safety checks on public transport e.g. temperature checks and increased capacity on public transport. 

Much of Dublin Central is within 2km of the City Centre and all of Dublin Central is within 5km of the City Centre which makes it ideal for walking and cycling.

The measures will be reviewed periodically and modified as required.  The proposal will be considered by DCC’s Traffic and Transport Strategic Policy Committee on June 3, 2020 before being referred to full City Council for approval on June 8, 2020.