€1 Christmas Parking Promotion

From this weekend Dublin City Council is offering an on-street parking price promotion in Dublin City centre from €1 per hour every saturday and sunday in December.  The promotion will apply in Dublin city centre’s core trading area. This comprises over 800 on-street parking spaces. A special promotion sticker has been put on parking meters where the offer applies for easy recognition.  This offer means you get a reduction of €1.90 per hour on Saturday and €0.40 on Sunday. It would give you a saving of €5.70 on a three-hour shopping trip on a Saturday.
Parking Tag customers can make even more savings. Parking Tag is Dublin City Council’s cashless, mobile phone-based parking system which allows you to top up by your mobile. Parking Tag customers get €1 on street parking per hour every Saturday and Sunday in December in the wider city centre area.  So if you must take the car to town at least you won’t have to pay as much for parking. Mary

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