€23m Regeneration of Mary’s Mansions

Mary welcomes the €23m redevelopment of St Mary’s Mansions which provides 80 high quality homes for inner city residents. 

Mary says: “It’s so encouraging to see 25 original residents moving back into St Mary’s Mansions today. The scheme will be a model for future regeneration projects, which we hope will be built quickly and to the same quality so that families can begin to enjoy their family time again in the locality.  

“It’s great to see public housing again being built in the north inner city and it’s only just the beginning of what we hope to achieve in the coming years. Fianna Fáil wants to prioritise the building of public housing again. Owning a home should not be a dream but instead a reality for people.  

 “St Mary’s Mansions was originally built in the 1940s and now here we are in 2020 with a whole new vision for the north inner city and a regeneration of a space that a new generation will now grow up in. 25 original residents will be moving back in with many of the remaining 55 apartments going to families from the surrounding area.  

“This regeneration project is an important step forward in how we hope that more affordable housing can be achieved, and indeed public housing built on public land,” concluded Mary.