Electoral Commission

Mary welcomes the announcement that in Spring 2021 Government intends bringing forward legislation to establish an independent Electoral Commission to do the following:

  • Oversee elections and referendums
  • Inform the public about elections and referendums
  • Update and maintain the electoral register
  • Conduct elections
  • Regulate online political advertising in the public interest
  • Introduce a consistent regime relating to political advertising across all media
  • Review postal voting, with a view to expanding its provision
  • Review the use of posters at elections and referendums

Mary believes an independent Electoral Commission is long overdue to address issues around voter registration, political funding and on-line political activities. 

Our voter registration is administered by each local authority, is not cross checked for duplication, does not include a unique identifier, does not automatically register and needs updating.  Mary believes voter registration should be administered by a single independent authority, rely on unique identifier, be publicly available online for inspection and allow for on-line registration. 

Currently political parties in Ireland are limited by law to receive a maximum donation of €2,500 per annum from any one individual.  However, as Sinn Fein has demonstrated by accepting a €5million donation from one individual the law in this regard is ineffective.  Mary wants an Independent electoral commission to ensure there is a level playing field for all political parties and organisations.

Mary supports the banning of election posters but believes an independent Electoral Commission is required to ensure regulation of online political advertising.

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