Excessive Salary

I was really shocked and outraged to learn of the salary being awarded for the Head of Student Services at UCC. 
In any “normal” circumstances a salary of almost €150,000 would be very generous but in the current economic circumstances it is excessive and obscene.   I have emailed the Ministers for Education, Finance and Public Expenditure & Reform and asked them if they approve of this salary and asked them to give their rationale for such extravagance?  I have asked them how many other posts within the Education System command an equal or greater salary scale and the justification for same?  and I have asked them to tell me what they would consider to be an appropriate salary scale for the position and what action they are going to take to ensure that a more appropriate salary scale be applied to the post?
I will post any replies I recieve from the Ministers here. By clicking Ministers for Education, Finance and Public Expenditure & Reform you can email the Ministers yourself and help to introduce some reality to their considerations.  Mary