Free Mediation Service

Madiation Northside is a free service whose main objective is to assist the local community in resolving conflicts and finding a safer way to live and work together. It was founded by the Northside Community Law centre in 2004, and became also part of the Court’s initiative pilot project in 2010. From its begining Mediation Northside has relied on the support of volunteer community mediators properly trained to mediate disputes.  The service is available free to anyone living in the Northside area  to help them deal with different types of disputes including parental mediation, neighbourhood disputes, conflict coaching, elder mediation and many other. For any further information about the services offered by the Mediation Northside, please contact: Mediation Northside, Northside Civic Centre, Bunratty Road, Coolock, Dublin 17. Tel: +353-1-8482988 or click here.  Mary 


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