Government urgently needs to deliver a Strategic Housing Programme for Dublin

Today, in response to a report by Threshold that highlights the vulnerability of families renting in the buy-to-let sector, Dublin Councillor Mary Fitzpatrick called on the Government to introduce a comprehensive strategic housing programme.

Cllr Mary Fitzpatrick said “This is one of a number of reports that have been published recently in regards to the housing crisis in Dublin.  Issues are escalating in the buy-to-let market, in social housing, in the private rental market… is clear that we need a clear and comprehensive strategic building programme for Dublin”.  She continued “I have been a Dublin City Councillor for 10 years now and throughout that time have raised this issue repeatedly and consistently. Now we have reached a situation where we have a major housing crisis with no Government Strategic Housing Programme to address the situation”.

Leader of the Fianna Fail Group in Dublin City, Cllr Fitzpatrick said “Today there are over 20,000 people on the social housing list; people are facing rent increases of up to 25% resulting in hundreds of people sleeping rough on the streets of Dublin, with thousands finding that emergency hostel, B&B or hotel accommodation is the only available solution. Today’s report by Threshold highlights the fact that renters in buy-to-let properties are in distress and facing potential homelessness due to lack of a code of conduct for their sector”.

Cllr Fitzpatrick concluded “The housing crisis in Dublin is bordering on disaster.  The Government need to wake up, acknowledge the housing crisis and produce a working Strategic House Building Programme that will address this spiralling problem”.

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