Grafton Street Charity Shops

Charity shops should not be banned from Grafton Street . On Monday July 1st Dublin City Councillors will consider and approve or reject the Grafton Street and Environs Draft Planning Scheme at its monthly meeting webcast from City Hall. It is wrong to ban Charity Shops from Grafton Street and I do not support their exclusion from the Grafton Street area. As leader of the Fianna Fail Group I have submitted a motion that seeks to amend the Grafton Street plan by removing the specific ban on Charity Shops from the area.

The Grafton Street planning scheme aims to reinforce, through good planning practice, Grafton Street as a major retail destination “ providing a wide range of multiple and independent stores as well as “lifestyle stores”, flagship stores, niche and specialist retailers.” The scheme sets-out is detail the planning requirements for properties on the street.

Charity Shops are a reality of modern Ireland. They provide Charitable organisations with an opportunity to gain financial support for their activity. They offer people an opportunity to support charitable groups and organisations. They provide consumers with an alternative retail choice from the high street chain stores. They offer an environmentally friendly retail experience, an ethical retail experience.

As long as Charity Shops comply with the planning standards being required of other retailers on Grafton Street they should not be subjected to negative discrimination. Our motion calls for the specific ban on Charity Shops on Grafton Street to be removed from the planning scheme. We will seek and require cross party support for our motion to be passed.
The Fianna Fail motion:
The elected members of Dublin City Council support the broad objectives of the “Draft Scheme of Special Planning control for Grafton Street and environs 2013. We also recognise the importance of charitable work in Dublin City and instruct the City Manager to amend section 1.1.12 of the draft planning scheme to remove the specific ban on Charity shops from the Grafton Street area.

Cllr Mary Fitzpatrick, Cllr Paul McAuliffe, Cllr Tom Brabazon & Cllr Sean Paul Mahon

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