Grangegorman Bring Centre

Mary has received an update on the future of the Grangegorman Bring Centre:

The Grangegorman Bring Centre, located on land owned by the Grangegorman Development Agency, is being closed down as the GDA needs the land for ongoing site development. An alternative interim site next to the current center has been offered to Dublin City Council by GDA. It is expected to be operational by late 2023 and will offer glass and textile recycling with a possibility of adding mixed dry recycling. Christmas tree recycling might also be accommodated on the Grangegorman campus starting in January 2024. Unfortunately there will not be sufficient space to include a compactor/container for garden waste within the proposed interim facility.

Mary is calling on Dublin City Council to retain the same level of services at the Gragegorman Bring Centre to ensure that the local community are provided with sufficient recycling services.