Grangegorman Waste Depot

In December 2010, on behalf of the Rathdown and District residents Association, I asked the City Manager to provide a report on the following issues regarding the operations of the Waste Management facility at Grangegorman. The City Manager’s responses are added in italics:

1. What are hours of operation of the Grangegorman Waste Management Depot?

City Manager: The operating hours for the depot are as follows: Mon-Fri: 6am-4.30pm and 7pm-6am; Sat- Sun: 6am-10am. There is also a shift on Sunday nights from midnight to 6am the following morning.

2. Is it permitted for waste management service vehicles and staff to conduct work outside the depot on the public road?  Will the Manager ensure this practice does not take place?

City Manager: Our Night Shift Inspector has spoken with the relevant staff and instructed them to cease the practice of loading and unloading trucks outside the depot.

3. Will the Manager please provide an update on the proposed re-location of the depot to

Slaney Road


City Manager: Due to the current budgetary constraints, there are no immediate plans to move the waste management depot from Grangegorman to

Slaney Road

as there are significant development works to be carried out on the

Slaney Road


4. Will the Manager please advise if the new large waste collection trucks can be operated more quietly?  Residents are complaining frequently that the new trucks are much louder and it sounds like the engine is being revved while the truck waits for the bins to be collected.

City Manager: All Waste Management bin trucks are automatic which requires high revs as gears will only select at certain revs.  Staff have been reminded that they are in a residential area and to be as quiet as possible.

Contact: Mick Boyle, Waste Management Services; Tel: 222 4240

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