Greyhound Recycling

In late November I became aware that Greyhound stopped supplying customers in Dublin central with free bags to recycle materials and that they intended introducing a charge for bags. I immediately raised this issue with the City Manager and asked that he ensure that customers are provided with bags to recycle their goods as soon as possible. Additionally I sought confirmation that Greyhound do not propose to charge for collection of green bins.

Following on from my representations DCC met with Greyhound and advised me that Greyhound confirmed that they will continue to collect ALL bags up to and including Friday 18th January 2013 free of charge. While this is welcome it doesn’t go far enough because many customers had already ran out of bags and were being asked to pay €9 for six bags.  I have asked that Greyhound provide customers with bags free of charge from now until January 18th and they re-consider the proposed €9 charge which is very expensive.

I have also asked Dublin City Council to ensure that Greyhound collect any additional recyclable waste that is presented by customers over the Christmas period e.g. wrapping and packaging as was always the case with Dublin City Council.
In response to my query about charging for green bins Greyhounds has indicated that it’s introduction of charges for recycle bags is not a precursor to a charge for collection of the green bin. Lets hope this is the case.

In the meantime a list of licensed operators for Dublin City is available here and a new company called City Bin has recently entered the market with what appears an attractive offer.  Mary

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