Griffith Park tree removal

Following a Visual Tree Assessment of trees located in Griffith Park, sadly Dublin City Council has advised Mary that 14 horse chestnut trees in the park must be removed. 

The horse chestnuts have been badly hit by a disease called Horse Chestnut Bleeding Canker and the situation is exacerbated by a caterpillar feeding on the leaves called leaf miners.

These diseases considerably weaken these large trees, leading to dieback and large branch failure. 

Due to the prominent position of many of these trees along footpaths within the park this has been deemed a serious health and safety issue, consquently the tree removal has already commenced. 

The effected trees are located on both the northside and southside of the river so the best way to do the work and protect park users is to close half the park in which the works are taking place. 

As we can all appreciate, the loss of these large prominent trees will have a significant impact on the character and landscape of the park. Please be reassured that a replanting program will be prioritised by DCC at these locations and initial ideas have already begun.