Housing Adaptation Grants

During the summer Dublin City Council closed its scheme that gives grants to elderly and/or sick people who need to adapt their homes to allow them continue to live independantly.  The reason the City Council had to close the scheme is because Minister Hogan had cut funding for the grants by 50%.   At the September City Council meeting I proposed an Emergency Motion, which was passed by the full City Council,  calling on Minister Hogan to reverse his decision to cut funding by 50% for housing adaptation grants for older and disabled people and to use some of the €100million available to him in Dormant Accounts to re-open the grants. Last year the council administered €10 million in these grants. This year, the Minister gave less than €5 million forcing Dublin City Council to stop accepting applications and to advise those already approved that they will not receive their payment until next year. These grants make a huge difference to peoples lives. They are the difference between being stuck in a hospital and coming home. The cut makes no sense as it is far more expensive to keep people in hospital than to be cared for at home. The grants also support local construction jobs. Hopefully the Minister will see sense and use some of the Dormant Accounts fund to restore funding.  Mary

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