Iona Road Public Lighting

At the November meeting of Dublin City Council I requested that the street lighting on Iona Road be improved to address concerns over public safety following the mugging of an elderly couple on Iona Road one evening in October 2012. Following is the reply I recieved from the City Manager:

CITY MANAGER’S REPLY: The lighting levels on Iona Road are considered to be satisfactory and there are no improvements planned for 2013. I do not believe that a correlation exists between the level of lighting on this road and the crime committed.

This reply is very disappointing and I will continue to raise this issue with Dublin City Council and seek improvements in the public lighting. I encourage residents in the area to raise this issue with Dublin City Council and to raise it at the local policing forum meetings. The next meeting of the local policing forum takes place in the Maples on Weds December 5th at 7pm. This is a great opportunity for all residents in the area to raise issues of concern to them with the Gardai and Dublin City Council. Mary

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