Justice for Clery’s Workers

image2 (2)It is hard to believe in the year 2016 and with Labour in Government that workers could be locked-out,  abused and disrespected in the way workers in Clerys were this week.

My many years working in both start-up and multi-national companies thought me that business circumstances change and to survive businesses must change too.  However there is no excuse for the any employer to treat employees with such disregard and disrespect.  I know firsthand the devastating impact unemployment and sudden redundancy can have not just on an individual but also their extended family.  It appears the owners and liquidators gave no thought whatsoever to the human cost of their business decisions and that reflects poorly on them both.  They should take action immediately to make amends.

As a matter of urgency the new owners and liquidators should meet with employee representatives and explain the business circumstances that led to the closure of the iconic O’Connell Street shop.  The employees deserve to be paid any outstanding wages, holiday pay or bonuses.  They should be offered support to find new employment and or training.  That is the least the owners owe them.  I was proud to support the workers and their families today and I encourage others to do the same.