Magdalene Laundry Site

Despite claims in the media, Dublin City Council Senior Management confirmed to Mary and other Central Area City Councillors that there is no plan, no funding or no development permission for the former Magdalene Laundry site on Sean McDermott Street.

This two acre, state-owned site is less than 500m from O’Connell Street and Mary believes its huge potential for commemoration, affordable housing and regeneration must be fully explored. 

Dublin City Council owns the site and is responsible for leading the redevelopment of the site.  Mary and other City Councillors for the Central Area agreed to work with DCC Management to write a brief to set-out an agreed vision and objectives for redevelopment of the site. 

Consideration will be given to inclusion of a memorial, housing, education, training and retail activities on the site. 

The next action is for Mary and other local City Councillors to visit the site and draft a brief for development of the site before the end of March 24th 2020.