MetroLink, Albert College

The National Transport Authority is asking the public for feedback on their proposal for a MetroLink intervention shaft in Albert College Park.

The deadline for submissions is March 12, 2020.   

The intervention shaft is proposed because the distance between the proposed metro stations at Griffith Park and Collins Avenue is greater than maximum permitted distance of 1km.   

The intervention shaft is a utility ventilation feature that allows access to the tracks in the case of emergency.  It will be located in the south west corner of the park, include a building, parking and other associated structures. 

Mary is calling for a station instead of an intervention shaft to be built in Albert College Park, one that can meet all the ventilation and emergency access requirements but deliver the added benefit of increased public transport and access to DCU, the park and surrounding residential area for all.

For more details click HERE.

Please email the NTA at or Freephone 1800 333 777 and ask that a MetroLink station and not an intervention shaft is built in Albert College Park.