MetroLink & Bus Connects

Mary welcomes improvements in our public transport system, making it more frequent & sustainable, however she has written to the NTA and the Minister for Transport to express her disappointment at the decision to file planning applications for both these projects at the same time.

This will mean that residents affected by these preferred routes will have to file observations for both projects in the same month, at a cost of €50.00 per application.

In Mary’s correspondence she highlighted the huge amount of material that needs to be gone through by residents before filing their submissions to An Bord Pleanala.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland will apply for a Railway Order to An Bord Pleanala in relation to the MetroLink project on September 30th.

The website for the project will go live on September 29th.

Members of the public can lodge submissions to An Bord Pleanala between October 7th and November 25th 2022.