Moore Street Plan

Moore street captures the soul of our nation in the heart of our city,  it’s neglect and dereliction is shameful.

As a long term campaigner for the protection of the Moore Street National Monument and creation of an appropriate commemoration I welcome the latest report from the Ministerial Consultative Group, the Moore Street Report, on securing our history.

This latest report is just one of many reports that have been produced over recent years.  What marks this report out from others is that it was commissioned by the Government and has the buy-in of the key stakeholders: the street traders, the relatives of the 1916 leaders and the statutory authorities.

The Government should seize this opportunity to correct this situation.  The Government should drive this plan forward by immediately dropping their appeal to the supreme court and instead invest essential resources in making this plan real.

The Government has a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a lasting commemoration,  to secure our history and to create a vibrant, world class,  living museum for both local and international visitors alike.