Mother & Babies Homes

Mary voted to save the database and files from the Mother and Baby Home Commission so that survivors can access their records, reclaim their identities and secure justice. 

To begin the process of restorative justice Minister O’Gorman launched and a Consultation Process on the development of an ex-gratia Restorative Recognition Scheme for former residents of Mother and Baby Homes and County Homes.

The Scheme will be established as part of the Government’s comprehensive response to the Final Report of the Commission of Investigation.

The Consultation Process will be open until 31st March 2021.

There are two ways for people to make their views known – by written submission and/or by participating in one of a number of online consultation meetings which will be arranged between 18th and 31st March 2021.

Registration for the online consultation meetings will open immediately and people are encouraged to register as soon as possible.

Mary says the consultation process will play an important role in informing the development of the Restorative Recognition Scheme.  

Mary encourages all interested parties, in particular former residents, their families, and advocacy and representative groups, to participate in the process and make their views known in relation to the design of the Scheme.

Mary hopes that this process will be a positive step in the journey to address the wrongs of the past and assist with providing some long-awaited healing and comfort.

 For further information on how to participate in the Consultation Process, please see here

The Final Report of the Commission of Investigation was published on 12th January 2021. The Report can be accessed here.

Further information about the Government’s response to the Final Report can be found here.

Public Consultation on Restorative Recognition Scheme- FAQs

The Terms of Reference for the Inter Departmental Group can be found here.