Mountjoy Sq Coach Parking

I was happy to work with and support the residents of Mountjoy Square in their campaign to save one of the few residential Georgian squares in the city from becoming a bus and coach park and to have the square restored to regular use.  Dublin City Council have confirmed to me that the coach parking area on Mountjoy Square South is being rescinded from Sunday 2nd October, 2011 and the area concerned will be reverted to Pay & Display/Permit Parking from that date.  The private coaches that operate an important service to the city are being provided with alternative coach parking on North Wall Quay from 2nd October, 2011 as follows:-North Wall Quay, north side, (except the bus stop marking) from a point 30 metres east of the junction of New Wapping Street for a distance of 120 metres east (24 hours, maximum stay 3 hours).Coach parking (existing) is also available on Western Way.  Mary

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