North Inner City LE’19

On Sunday 24th March 2019, on Moore Street the birthplace of Ireland’s republic, Mary was delighted to launch the 2019 local election campaign for Imran Khurshid to represent Dublin’s North Inner City.

Since 2007 Imran has worked as a solicitor in Smithfield supporting and working for people in Dublin’s north inner city. Through hardwork and integration Imran has achieved considerable professional success as a solicitor in Dublin’s north inner city.

Imran understands firsthand the challenges faced by residents and businesses in the north inner city. He recognises the rich potential of the north inner city and wants to use his skills and experience to champion the north inner city on Dublin City Council.

Imran is committed to the core republican value of equality for all that is Fianna Fáils guiding principle.

Mary is asking voters in Dublin’s north inner city to please vote no.1 Imran Khurshid and continue their preference for the other Fianna Fáil candidates Denise McMorrow and Brian Mohan on May 24th 2019. .