Opportunities at Google

It’s great to see Google committing to buy more property in Dublin and to further recruitment. Click HERE for more on the announcement. 

The Fianna Fail government has taken on board genuine criticism in recent times but it is worth reflecting on some of the positives to come out of this period too. Investments by Google, Facebook and Intel are perfect examples of how government policy substantially improved employment opportunities in Ireland. And I’d be seriously worried about any CEO’s appetite for Foreign Direct Investment should Sinn Fein get to influence future government policy. Remember this is the party which proposes a high tax environment and has shown deep scepticism about European integration. All of which is especially relevant in constituencies like Dublin Central where the final seat will ultimately determine if Sinn Fein get to hold the balance of power at a national level.
Either way, if you have multi-lingual skills then click HERE for opportunities at Google. For a wide range of other opportunities, click HERE. I recall making a similar first step in business over 15 years ago, so you never know. 

All the best, Mary!