Passport Applications

Mary received a recent update from the Minister for Foreign Affairs regarding passport applications.

The processing times for valid online applications are as follows:

  • 10 working days for simple adult renewals;
  • 15 working days for complex renewals, including children, and
  • 40 working days for all First Time Applications.  

First time applications for adults and children are extremely complex to process, to ensure the identity of the applicant, their entitlement to Irish citizenship and, in the case of children, that all guardians have consented to the issuing of the passport. First time applications can also take longer when the correct supporting documents are not submitted with the application. Particular complexity relates to the process of application from children born in Ireland after 2004 due to the need to verify entitlement for Irish citizenship.

The Passport Services continues to operate an emergency service for the priority cases, detailed below:

Reasonable ExcuseEvidence accepted
To apply for college or school; if parent has to be there in person or accompany a child; to participate in an exchange programme; take examsLetter from college/school    
To work or travel related to your businessLetter from business/employer. Self-employed – tax document from previous year or company registration letter
To attend/access essential medical, health or dental appointment/services, or to go to an appointment with someone you live with, or a vulnerable personLetter from doctor/dentist overseas confirming treatment/listing the person accompanying or evidence of same address
To apply for a mortgage or bank account; to access public services; for security reasons as advised by Gardaí/policeLetter from bank, letter from DSP, letter from Gardaí/police
To care for a family member who is seriously ill or for other vital family reasonsLetter from the GP/doctor of the person that requires care
To attend the funeral of an immediate family memberDeath Certificate; correspondence from funeral director; and evidence of family relationship
To meet a legal obligation (for example, to appear in court)Proof, court order, legal letter
To give access to a child to the other parent of the child, or to access a child that you have a right of access toOwn declaration, evidence of location of child, evidence of relationship
To relocate from or to Ireland (plus family members)Utility bills, lease, evidence of employer

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