Phoenix Park Concerts

On Friday evening I was advised by Dublin City Council that event promoters have applied for Special Event Licences to hold three concerts this summer in the Phoenix Park. I am sure nobody forgets the mayhem that occurred last year when Swedish House Mafia played and public order was greatly disrupted by anti-social behaviour and crime.  As Chair of the Dublin Central Joint Policing Committee I took the lead in bringing together the event organisers, the Gardai, Dublin City Council Special Events licencing Officer and the Office of Public Works (OPW) at the JPC to address the public’s serious concerns. Following on from this a number of recommendations were made and changes agreed to protocol and procedure for such events.  Once these latest applications have been validated and accepted by Dublin City Council I will post an update on how the general public can make submissions.  In the current economic climate special events that attract and entertain visitors who in turn support employment are extremely important to the local economy.  However the Phoenix Park is more than 350 years old, it is a heritage site that attracts millions of visitors and is highly valuable and valued by the local community.  It should not be abused for private profit.  The local surrounding community should be able to enjoy their homes in peace.  As part of the new process the Event Organisers and Gardai will have to submit a robust security and public order plan.  The Event Organisers will have to meet with the local residents.  The Phoenix Park is not controlled by Dublin City Council it is controlled and managed by the OPW.  The Minister must insure that any money paid by the Event Organisers for the use of the park is put back into the park and the surrounding area.  I will be asking the event promoters when possible to hire suitable applicants from the local area.  Mary

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