Pledge to End Direct Provision

The Government gave commitment earlier this year to ending direct provision, with the aim to create an alternative which will protect peoples human rights.

To help ensure these commitments are realised Mary signed Amnesty International Ireland’s Pledge to End Direct Provision.

The Pledge states:

By signing up to this pledge, I commit to do all within my power to ensure:

  • The end of the Direct Provision system and the implementation of an alternative that protects people‚Äôs human rights and ensures their safety and dignity;
  • The introduction of an immediate and ambitious approach to reduce processing times and effectively address the backlog of cases in the International Protection system in order to ensure the new system can be fully implemented;
  • The rights of people who remain in the current system until it ends are protected and upheld.

I will hold the present and any future Government to account on these commitments and, if in Government, will deliver on my promise to end Direct Provision.