Poolbeg Incinerator

At the Februray 2013 meeting of Dublin City Council Councillors were advised that they will have to wait at least another month for a report from its Audit Committee into the findings of the extremely critical Local Government Audit report for 2011.

The Local Government Auditor’s report for the financial year of 2011 criticised Dublin City Council’s mis-management of the Poolbeg Incinerator Project. The report highlighted weaknesses in Dublin City Council’s procurement, financial and governance processes for the Incinerator project which has already cost the public more than €90million.

When the Local Government Auditors report was issued I was very critical of the City Council’s mis-management of the project and raised concerns over the report’s findings. I sought a full explanation from the City Manager who apologised to the City Councillors for the costly mistakes made with the project. Dublin City Councillors agreed that Dublin City Council’s Audit Committee would examine the issues raised and report back to the City Councillors.

Dublin City Councillors were recently advised that the Audit Committee has been unable to complete their work and it will be another month before the Audit Committee can report on the issue.

This delay is troubling and the Fianna Fail group is dissatisfied with this situation. I have asked for details of the queries that City Management was unable to provide the Audit Committee with immediate and adequate responses to.

The decision on the construction contract for the incinerator is due to be made in April 2013. It is not acceptable that the project would go ahead until all the issues already identified with the project have been addressed. I oppose any further spending on this project until all the issues raised in the Local Government Auditors report have been addressed.  Mary

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