Property Tax

Being in Government is rarely easy and governing in difficult financial circumstances is always going to be challenging. However what Roisin Shortall demonstrated last week is that being in Government is about making choices. At the end of the day, when this Government’s blame game with Fianna Fail, the ECB, the IMF, other European leaders played out,  the uncomfortable truth for them is that the decisions they make are their own. 

I was opposed to the Household Charge and I believe this Governments proposal to introduce a value based property tax at this time is wrong. While the Government is considering the introduction of a value based property tax I am proposing a motion at the October 1st meeting of Dublin City Council opposing the introduction of a value based property tax on the grounds that it is unfair, anti-urban, undermines local government and is uncollectable.

I will be asking Councillors from all parties but especially the majority Labour Councillors to support the motion against the introduction of a value based property tax and to send a clear message to the government – the people of Dublin don’t want this tax and they can’t afford it. I hope the Labour councillors will stand with the people of this city and against their government masters in Fine Geal and oppose this tax.

The meeting starts at 6.45pm but it will probably be after 9pm before this motion is reached. You can watch the debate via live webcast here.
You can lend support for the motion by emailing your local councillor and asking them to support the motion as follows;

“The elected members of Dublin City Council are opposed to the introduction of a value based property tax. A property tax that is set, collected and spent centrally undermines local government. A value based property tax in the current unstable property market is unworkable and will disproportionately penalise homeowners in Dublin. A value based property tax that is not based on the “ability to pay” principle will be uncollectible. A value based property tax is unfair and anti-Dublin and the elected representatives of the people of Dublin call on the Government to respect their views and to abandon their plans for the introduction of a value based property tax.”