People of Dublin mislead on Property Tax –

The Labour Party ‘plans’ to cut property tax by 15% is a further insult to Dublin homeowners. The Labour party supported the introduction of Fine Gaels’ unfair and anti-Dublin property tax. Labour conspired to conceal the full impact of the property tax by first introducing it as a six month charge. They encouraged homeowners in Dublin to pay the Local Property Tax by falsely promising them that 80% of their money would be spent on services in their local area. Labour then facilitated the raiding of the more than €100million Local Property Tax collected in Dublin to fund the super expensive, super quango Irish Water. Now they have the brass neck to try and fool the people of Dublin that they are on their side and if re-elected they will reduce the charge by 15%. The fact is a 15% reduction of the Local Property Tax in Dublin would be meaningless for homeowners in Dublin where property prices increased by 16% in 2013 and due to the Government’s failure to tackle the housing crises are set to continue to rise. This latest Labour “promise” highlights their desperation, dishonesty and disconnection from reality.

I don’t think people will fall for this cheap stunt. More than 90% of Dublin homeowners paid over €100million in Local Property Tax in 2013, this is set to double in 2014. Yet homeowners in Dublin will see no improvement in local services. There will be no improvement in the quality or reliability of water supply. The only thing Homeowners in Dublin are getting from Labour are more Councillors, less services, a 100% increase in their local property tax, increased commercial water rates and by the end of the year new domestic water charges. There is a strong argument for an easing of the property tax burden, especially in Dublin, but the Labour Party’s transparent election stunt is pitiful politics and an insult to every homeowner in Dublin who paid their Local Property Tax. Mary

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