Ramp Repairs

There is a problem in the City with speed ramps deteriorating.  I have raised this issue in past and requested that ramps on Blackhorse Avenue, the Old Cabra Road and other parts of our area be repaired.  At the September 2012 meeting of Dublin City Council I asked the Manager to please advise when the ramps on Lindsay, Iona and Hollybank Roads will be repaired?   If there are ramps in your area that need repair please drop me an email and I will ask DCC to undertake the work. 

Road Maintenance will temporarily dress the ramps outside house numbers 24, 46 & 60 on Lindsay Road and also house numbers 41 & 108 on Hollybank Road.
The ramps on Iona Road are acceptable.

These works will be carried out within 6-8 weeks.

Contact: Ronan Connolly, Road Maintenance

Tel: 222 2576


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