Rent Freeze, Ministers Response

Following Mary’s proposal at Dublin City Council the Minister for Housing has refused to introduce a residential rent freeze in Dublin City. 

The Minister’s reply is a blow to all renters in the city struggling to pay escalating rents and at risk of becoming homeless. 

Click HERE to read the Minster’s letter in full.

The Ministers reply highlights his view that residential rental properties are first and foremost investment vehicles and not people’s homes.  His first concern is to protect investors in residential rental properties not renters from becoming homeless.

The Minister refers at length to the PRTB which was created by legislation enacted in 2004 an altogether different economic, social and housing market to 2020. 

More worryingly the Minister’s reply makes no acknowledgement of the current difficulties faced by renters in Dublin City where rents have increased and Dublin City is now the most expensive city in Europe to rent.  In the past two weeks, renters in Dublin City are under increasing pressure due to reduced earnings caused by the corona virus.

The Minister needs to reconsider the Government’s decision with regards to a residential rent freeze. 

Mary will continue to work to ensure that everyone in Dublin city has a secure and affordable home.