Renter’s Protections

The Residential Tenancies Bill 2021, will extend the application of the protections for tenants experiencing Covid-19 related arrears for a further 6 months until 12 January 2022.

These are targeted protections which apply to those tenants who are negatively impacted by COVID, in arrears and who make the necessary declaration. If eligible they will be protected from eviction and rent increases for a further six months (to Jan 2022).

These enhanced tenancy protections are there to complement the provision of Rent Supplement and other supports such as the Supplementary Welfare Allowance and the Pandemic Unemployment Payment – providing time and security for tenants while they engage with the available state services. 

Comprehensive rental legislation is planned for the Autumn, with provisions to help provide long term security of tenure for tenants at affordable rents. 

Tenants having difficulty paying their rent should engage with their landlords but should also engage with the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) and the Department of Social Protection as income supports, such as Rent Supplement, are available to assist them.